FInds Workshop : 22 Oct

An enjoyable and productive day was spent at the Hub sorting through the material from our test pit excavations with the help of Appleby volunteers. An array of pottery, metal, glass, bone and clay pipe from all periods was washed and examined under expert guidance. An impressive assemblage of medieval pottery was revealed that will tell us much about the early town. Star of the day was our first prehistoric find – a broken flint blade from the garden of Lady Anne’s Hospital!

potwashingoct16a potwashingoct16e potwashingoct16b potwashingoct16d potwashingoct16c

Kendal Record Office visit – 4th Oct

Quite a crowd of us turned up at the Kendal Record Office on Tuesday. The Office was closed to the general public so we were able to progress our research unimpeded by other users. Elaine Gilliard, the chief archivist, gave us a quick introduction to the service and then left us to browse the selection of Appleby-related documents that she had helpfully already withdrawn from the strong-room. These included a very early charter for Appleby and a collection of 17th Century account records and minutes for Appleby Town Council, along with sundry maps and pamphlets

Carol’s training came in very useful as the 17th Century documents in particular were far from easy to read. It seems that they have never been transcribed so there is already a possible project here. It is also clear that there more documents exist than we had previously been led to believe – we may want to review other possible sources such as Diocesan records at Carlisle and private collections such as the Hothfield papers.

We have sent our grateful thanks to Elaine for the warm welcome she gave us and for her helpful guidance in focusing our work.