St Anne’s – First Test Pits (latest information)

Friday morning and the DigAppleby project sees spades in action for the first time.

Martin R has used the geophysics results to select five test-pit locations in the St Anne’s kitchen garden. The pics below show the first pit going in, just behind the chapel.  At this point we were just 30cm down but were already retrieving pottery and pipe-stems. Thought – so were the widows pipe-smokers in the past?


The news from the excavation team by Sunday evening is that :

  • Test Pit 1 reached the medieval ground surface beneath the garden soil with medieval pottery sherds and other finds recovered.


  • Test Pit 2 revealed a demolished post-medieval building, confirming the results of our geophysical survey.


As a bonus we can also report that Tony Robinson (he of Time Team) was  seen in Appleby this weekend, just as we concluded our first Dig Appleby investigation. Our fame is obviously spreading!

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